Industrial Freezing Systems

Industrial Freezing Systems

Our continuous freezing systems are known in the market as they allow great
layout flexibility while maximizing production yield per surface unit.

Suitable for wide array of food products
Custom-made space-saving designs

Energy savingsĀ 

Spiral freezing systems

Designed for blast freezing, on limited floorspace, of almost any food product.
Absolute configuration flexibility in function of product type, freezing time, process characteristics and available footprint. Especially appropriate when food products
need to undergo important temperature reductions.

Spiral freezing systems
Industrial freezing system features


Product freezing is further enhanced by a constant airflow within the insulated cabinet.
The design of our freezers minimizes obstacles to airflow, thus leading to lower energy requirements. In addition, our freezers can also integrate sequential defrosting units to support continuous 24/7 operations.

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