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and Cleaning Solutions

Automation and Cleaning Solutions

Engineering skills to automize your bakery line and safeguard hygiene.

Custom-made designs
Suitable for new and existing lines
Hygienic solutions for food safety

Automation solutions for bakery lines

We manufacture conveyors, lifters, lid removal systems, oven loading and unloading systems, depanners, dividers, combiners, tray cooling systems, tray cleaning systems, and various types of tray storage systems. We do have the engineering skills to integrate these elements together in a seamless custom-made solution to handle food products or trays in new and existing bakery lines.

Automation solutions for bakery lines
Cleaning solutions for spiral systems

Cleaning solutions for spiral systems

Our spiral systems can handle a wide array of food products placed on an extremely diverse range of supports. We can design and deliver custom-made cleaning solutions going from simple belt cleaning systems to complete “Clean-In-Place” solutions.

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