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October 23-25, 2023, Chicago, IL

Looking for the latest food industry solutions? There’s no better way to scout for new products and technologies for your organization than to meet one-on-one with expert solution providers. Join us at Process Expo 2023 and learn how we can contribute to advancing the food industry.

A sneak peak of TP Food Group innovations

Diathermic spiral Oven: this oven yields high product quality, reduction of waste and production flexibility on a limited floorspace.
New design of TP-N bestselling cyclothermic oven: the oven will guarantee the quality and reliability levels of TP-N ovens, while leading to tangible improvements in terms of heat transfer, prevention of heat losses and maintainability.
TEC industrial frying system: the frying system, which can be used to process food products such as donuts, fried cheese and appetizers, chicken
and fish nuggets, is customizable as no other frying system on the market and integrates innovative concepts such as a removable frying pan.

Process line expo

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Seize this chance to exlore how we can assist you with the right technologies for buns, meat, vegetables and cheese.
Enjoy National Pizza Day with Your Favorite Slices! Who knows, you might even get a taste of a delicious pizza, made by our machines!