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Tradition bakery methods meet an efficient production system

Artisan and industrial baking share some commonalities, but they undoubtedly differ in various aspects. 

The differences arising in areas such as market requirements, process and baking equipment drive changes to the competences of the personnel needed to run a bakery and to the business model that one has to implement; at the same time, such differences put bakery owners in front of risks of different magnitude and type. 

The path from artisan to industrial baking is not easy, but it is possible. Such a path surely requires a good mix of “yes to risk” attitude, time and investments, but bakery owners can also benefit of the collaboration with suppliers which have the competences to help such transition.  

The Hungarian company Lipoti is an example of how one can walk, successfully, the journey from artisan baking to industrial baking. The TP Food Group is honored of having supported Lipoti in walking such a path putting at the service of its determined customer all of its competences and experience in industrial baking. 


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The Hungarian Company Lipoti is an example of how TP Food Group can help you walking the journey from artisan baking to industrial baking.