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Water, flour, yeast, oil, sugar and salt: these are the six fundamental ingredients that, in the USA alone, turn into those 100 acres of pizza consumed each day of the year. On the supply side, those who make this everyday miracle possible include the “pizzaiolo” who runs his own pizzeria in the neighborhood all the way up to those billion-dollar companies that operate along the pizza value chain from dough and ingredients production to the actual sales of pizza in their restaurant chains.

In high-rate pizza dough production plants, while quality of ingredients is always key in winning customers over, dough producers need to pay particular attention at structuring their dough plants with machinery capable to work non-stop while ensuring processing precision and product consistency. Machinery such as mixers, dough dividers, dough rounders and spiral coolers or freezers are pivotal elements in such production facilities.

Gostol and Tecnopool, which together have more than 120 years of experience with high-rate bakery production plants, can propose dependable solutions to ensure efficient and continuous pizza dough production in crucial stages such as makeup, dough retarding and dough freezing.

Gostol’s “Mark” automatic dough dividers feature an impressive weight range and are capable of production rates that can achieve 10,000 pieces an hour. “Mark” dividers display precise and PLC-adjustable hydraulic dough dividing mechanisms for the high-rate handling of particularly soft doughs and even of proofed dough. “Sabotin” is a family of dough rounders with adjustable “rounding spirals”: with rounding lengths that can go up to almost 21 feet and product throughputs of up to 10000 pieces an hour, the end result is always perfectly round and smooth pizza dough in high rates.

Thanks to their dependable external drive design, Tecnopool’s spiral systems are known for the extreme flexibility of their layout, which allows customers to optimize their pizza dough production flow and install dough cooling and freezing industrial solutions even in the tightest available space.

One US producer that uses the Tecnopool’s spiral systems for the low-temperature processing of their pizza dough is Lamonica’s Pizza Dough, a market-leader based in California and known for the high-quality pizza dough they make. “The Tecnopool freezing spiral systems are a key component in our pizza dough operations. The spirals are fantastic but most importantly the aftersales and service help to ensure smooth continuous production. The Tecnopool’s spiral systems ensure we deliver the highest quality pizza dough day in day out” says John Lamonica, CEO of Lamonica’s Pizza Dough.

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