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Croissants bring little moments of joy in the life of many. Think about that chocolate croissant served in your favorite coffee shop on your way to the office. Visualize that plain butter croissant stuffed with ham and cheese while sipping a drink with friends after a tough day of work. Not all croissants are created equal though: every producer follows their secret recipe which impacts areas such as ingredients and processes. Understanding what producers want is what has led the TP Food Group being selected by bakers all around the world both as supplier of solutions for freshly baked and frozen croissants. For the North American market, TP Food Group North America brings, for instance, the experience of their European affiliates (i.e. Gostol and Tecnopool) which, together, have recently delivered to a Ukrainian customer a full line to proof, bake and cool up to 20,000 (+) fresh croissants per hour while cleaning, cooling and storing automatically the trays used for baking. 


The TP Food Group has also recently commissioned an interesting line for Pacgel, which is an Italian company based in the province of Naples. Pacgel makes more than 100 different types of high-quality pastry products, both salty and sweet, that reach Italian and European customers. “Our company has been active for 25 years now. We have selected Tecnopool’s spiral proofing and cooling systems for our new site dedicated to the production of plain and filled croissants. Tecnopool has followed us from plant design to start-up, and thanks to their advanced and compact designs we can currently reach a production rate of around 10,000 croissants: we are satisfied of the results that we have achieved” says Mr. Fabio Formisano, head of quality control at Pacgel. 


The TP Food Group can also deliver croissant lines entirely built around the concept of spiral systems. This is the case of an Israeli customer that had two mandatory requirements to produce croissants with a long-proofing time: minimization of floorspace and simplification of production flow. The TP Food Group has then engineered a production line with spiral systems to deliver 4 thermal treatments (i.e. proofing, baking, cooling, freezing) for around 2(+) tons of croissants per hour which are all treated directly on the spiral belt therefore simplifying croissant transition across production stages, eliminating the need for tray management systems and keeping footprint to a minimum. Summing it all up, the TP Food Group is a proven supplier of processing solutions for the production of both frozen and fresh croissants in any shape and type, and through TP Food North America such experience is directly available to US and Canadian customers.

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