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5 Excellent reasons to choose a Tec industrial fryer


Tecnofryer, a company of the TP Food Group, has decades of experience in the design of industrial frying solutions. Tecnofryer’s TEC industrial fryers are well-known throughout the community of donut makers for both cake and yeast donuts. Having said this, such machines are not used in bakery applications only. TEC fryers are designed to perform in a variety of industrial frying segments which, throughout the years, have let Tecnofryer become the supplier of choice for companies that process nuts, churros, finger food, fish and chicken nuggets at an industrial level.

TEC fryers can handle tons of food product per hour with frying times to meet any process request. Each of these fryers is tailor-made: each machine is unique, meaning each one is exactly designed to meet customer’s requirements in terms of size and configuration. For instance, frying pans are not built “by standard increment”, but are exactly sized to what customers want and can reach useful frying lengths of 17,5 meters (57.4 feet) with useful frying widths of 2,5 meters (8.2 feet).

What has made TEC fryers the system of choice for customers in such different food segments? Simply said, it is the design choices which Tecnofryer makes in addressing some of the important topics of industrial frying operations:

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Preservation of the frying oil’s life
  • Frying precision
  • Frying quality
  • Energy savings
Ease of cleaning and maintenance is mostly achieved through a movable frying pan. This pan can separate automatically from the fryer’s structure, making it easier to cleaning and maintenance crews reach those fryer’s components that need their attention. There is also an advantage in terms of safety of operations: as cleaning personnel can easily reach anywhere in the frying pan, the chances of leaving water residues after cleaning are low.

      Frying oil is an important cost driver in industrial operations. Exploiting its full potential is thus key, and to do so lessening oxidation phenomena is crucial. This is why TEC fryers minimize the temperature difference between the heat source in the frying pan and the frying oil itself. 

      Moreover, the aspiration section in the fryer is designed and positioned to minimize the risk of water or other contaminants falling back into the frying area.

      TEC fryers are precise. They feature a temperature management system that limits the temperature excursion range in the frying pan to ± 2 °C. Moreover, TEC fryers keep the frying oil fresh and clean. Frying pans are designed so they store the amount of frying oil needed for frying operations. In addition, fried debris are taken away from the frying area by means of a “bottom conveyor” and filtered in an external automatic metallic filter.

      Talking about energy savings, TEC’s frying pans are fully insulated with rockwool layers. In addition, frying oil is heated by means of submerged diathermic oil pipes or electrical resistances, which is inherently more efficient than other more traditional ways

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